Running From Hippos

  I invite you to ask me any questions about the writing of this book. I will share my experiences, thoughts and feeling from time to time.


  1. Why do you stay with someone that physically and mentally abuses you?
    You stay because you love them, or rather you love the person they were. You believe them when they tell you tomorrow will be different. You stay because you believe they will come home one day and be the person that you fell in love with. But that is impossible because that person no longer exists, they have changed. You have changed; you are no longer that vibrant teenager who was fun to be around. It is not your fault that you have changed, because, by their behaviour, they have moulded you into the person that you have become. They don’t like that person, and neither do you.
    You blame yourself for not being the person they want you to be. You hide the bruises (inside as well as out), you pretend that everything is fine, but the only person you are fooling is yourself. By doing this, you are making yourself more of a victim.

    I was a victim for several years. Until, one day, I realised, that the man I married didn’t love me anymore and had moved on with his life; I was just an inconvenience that stood in his way. That was when I decided enough was enough. I had reached breaking point and I really didn’t care if I lived or died.
    It took a long while before I was able to break free. After much self abuse and several huge mistakes I finally began to feel like life was worth living again.


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