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  1. I am running out of ideas on how to market the books, especially the ones that don't cost an arm and a leg. Memoirs are very difficult to market. Any ideas will be greatly appreciated.

  2. Don't ever let anyone tell you that writing a book is easy especially a memoir. Unless you are famous agents and publishers won't touch it with a barge pole or say I love it , BUT, I don't love it enough to risk a libel suit, you haven't built a 'tribe'. After several rejections, you lose count at a certain point, someone finally says I'm prepared to give it a shot. By this time you have come to a point when you automatically press the delete button as soon as the email pops up. Then you think, did that email say yes. You search the deleted folder but, after reading it you still don't get your hopes up.
    Finally the book is in your hands. The publisher has done their bit but you still need to do yours. You need to get people to read it.
    Then you worry that it is not good enough that people are going to trash it, and believe me there is always at least one that decides to criticise, or read between the lines and put two and two together and make you out to be some kind of depraved monster. You start to doubt your sanity and search the pages of the book to make sure that you didn't actually write what they are saying.
    Then a miracle happens, someone says they liked it; you wonder if they have read the right book and start looking to see if there are any books with the same title. When you get more than one good review you go through the 'Are they just being nice stage?' Someone in a good position to judge, and a complete stranger to you, says they like it. Then and only then do you start to think that maybe it isn't that bad after all. That is when the hard work starts when you really try to market it. I am at that place at the moment and it is bloomin hard especially on a tight budget.
    My advice to all you writers out there keep at it who knows one day you may write something that flies off the shelves. Here's hoping. Have a great day all xxx


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